FrontPage 2003 Google XML SiteMap Macro

Thomas wrote a very nice simple macro to generate a Google sitemap from a FrontPage Web by using the navigation structure. 

Unfortunately it only generates the "simple" text file format, which does not allow you to specify useful meta information about the urls, in particular I really wanted to be able to specify date/time for each page so that Google would be able to know that some are old (no point in checking them) while some are brand new (spider them now!)

Therefore I have adapted his code to generate an XML file instead, and here it is!


Get the file here (2K)


  1. Unzip the contained file "GoogleSiteMap.bas" to a temporary directory
  2. Run FrontPage 2003
  3. Tools / Macro / Visual Basic Editor (or [Alt-F11] )
  4. File / Import file (or [Ctrl-M] )
  5. Select the "GoogleSiteMap.bas" you saved earlier
  6. Click [OK]
  7. Double click the GoogleSiteMap module in the left pane
  8. Edit in the right pane as necessary the name of your site map file (defaults sitemap.xml) and your timezone
  9. Press [Alt-Q] (save and close visual basic editor)


After updating your web site with new or changed pages go:

  1. Tools / Macro / Macros or ([Alt-F8])
  2. Select the macro GoogleSiteMapCreate
  3. Click Run
  4. sitemap.xml is generated and a confirmation is shown
  5. Publish your site as normal
  6. (Optional) Go to Macros again and run GoogleSiteMapPing to inform Google of the update


  • This only includes the pages which are part of the FrontPage navigation (could be fixed if you see a need)
  • It will create one large, uncompressed, .xml file.  Therefore not suitable for sites with tens of thousands of pages (but then neither is FP)


Don't expect much!  But you can try posting a message in the Support forum (click tab at top of this page)

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