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9 Nov Improved (slightly) the layout of the My URLs list in the server monitoring screen -- big improvement is to add a graph that shows the last 30 tests for that particular URL.  It's an easy way to see if this site is responding stably or if it is erratic.

This is just the beginning of what will eventually be better reporting - all the data is being stored for statistics I just haven't written the report screens.


24 Oct Added the Excel spreadsheet recip checker macro and the WP plugin for big first char/drop cap.


16 Sep 2005 Fixed a silly bug in the XML Sitemap generator for Front Page which was causing some files to be changefreq "never" when they should not have been.  Oops.


7 Sep 2005 Write the Google sitemap generator macro for Frontpage.  Using a basic code from someone else but that only generated .txt and I couldn't get google to accept my text file.  So wrote this to generate an XML which means I get to have date and frequency of update info as well.


3 August 2005 Using the very nice sparkline library I have put little status graphs in the left border for the web site monitoring.  More detailed graphs to come.


31 July 2005 Bug fixed: Phantom UP messages should be no more

Improved feature: The text to check on a page is, if possible, automatically detected


30 July 2005 Added a support section to the site to allow questions to be raised as well as to gather feedback


28 July 2005 Improved false alarm detection implemented for the free web site monitoring tool.  For each URL being monitored you may now specify a sensitivity and this controls how many times a site has to be up or down before notifications are sent.

To go with this the rules for how often sites are monitored are adjusted.  When a site changes state from up to down or visa versa monitoring frequency is increased, initially to one minute intervals, and gradually reduced until it is back to the normal frequency.



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