Wordpress plugin for Drop Cap

I like drop caps in my wordpress blog entries - though I don't bother with a blog software on this site I do use it on others.  Doing a drop cap or "big first letter" is easy, it's built into css/html -- but you need to add a tag to every single post.  No problem, a plugin can do it.


Download the plugin here (1K, right click and save as).


Unzip the file and copy it to your wp-content\plugin directory

Edit your theme style; by default that's in wp-content\themes\default\style.css and at the end add this:

P.BigFirst:first-letter {
color: #990000;
font-size: 3em;
float: left;
padding-right: 0.1em;

From the plugin management screen activate it


That's it now it's working.  You might want to change the color line in the theme.


Exact positioning of the drop cap depends on the browser, so Firefox and IE are not exactly the same.  but both look ok (ish).


Don't expect much!  But you can try posting a message in the Support forum (click tab at top of this page)

Warrantee and guarantee

Absolutely none!


Zero!  But if you use it on your site I feel it would be polite to link back to here, maybe post a blog entry saying what plugins you use.  Thanks.



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